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Web development refers to the development of a website for web hosting via intranet or internet. The process includes web designing, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security configuration. Our web developers work with all major programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create websites and web based applications for you. They also utilize other languages to set up email services, user authentication, databases, and other technical aspects of your websites. Web developers use software like text editors, command line interface, and version control to build the technical information (the code) that presents the data. By focusing on the specific needs and goals of our clients, we develop custom web solutions that deliver results.

WordPress Development – The free and open-source blogging tool, WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. However, PHP developers are not necessarily experts in WordPress Development. Our WordPress developers are the ones who make custom plug-ins and modules for WordPress. Our designers are highly skilled and are capable of developing a theme around WordPress. They understand WordPress and are familiar with WordPress core functions.

Joomla Development – Just like WordPress, Joomla is also a free and open-source blogging and content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. It is the second most used content management system on the Internet after WordPress. Joomla is built on a model–view–controller web application framework that does not require CMS. It is written in PHP and includes features such as page caching, RSS feeds, news flashes, printable versions of pages blogs, search, and support for language internationalization, etc.

Custom Website Development – At Net Traffic, we strive to develop customized responsive web development solutions for our clients, not cookie-cutter projects. Each website that we develop is truly unique. We do not rely on templates, plugins or found code for our web builds. We can provide you with a customized, user-friendly, stable, and reliable website. We have a dedicated team of experienced web developers that is fully capable of creating custom online solutions. Whether it is about enhancing your existing website or developing a new website, we are up for the challenge.

CMS Based Website development – Generally, CMS is thought of just a tool for managing online content, it is not true. If used correctly, CMS can solve all the pain points that come up during the user’s journey and deliver a perfect digital experience to him. We take into consideration their preferred devices and online behavior. We target our solutions to your customers and personalize the way they interact with your business. This allows you to get a 360 degree view of your customer base. It means you can a build stronger relationship with your customers and enhance customer retention.

PHP development – Our PHP developers combine both creativity and imagination to render you 100% user-friendly and interactive web applications and web solutions. We have a big team of our skilled PHP developers that are capable of handling programming and development services, covering the needs of our global clients. The programmers make complete use of the open script programming language to create your web pages with dynamic interface. Codes for every web page are created to be functional.

.NET Development – .NET is mostly used as a general purpose development platform for any kind of app type where general purpose solutions are used. It has many key features that include automatic memory management and modern programming languages. These features make it easier to efficiently build high-quality apps. The platform includes servers; building-block services, such as Web-based data storage; and device software. It also includes Passport, Microsoft’s fill-in-the-form-only-once identity verification service.

AJAX Development – AJAX is a group of interrelated web development techniques that creates asynchronous web applications on your side. In AJAX, a server asynchronously sends and retrieves data through a web application without making any changes to the display and behavior of the existing page. Ajax programming is highly effective where there is a need to exchange small amount of data or information behind the scene. It helps applications and the web pages to run fast without affecting the speed or pausing.